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Westin Monsterfly

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A bestseller in new Colors. Monsterfly is now part of the Westin range. This year we have added 3 new colors/models to Scandinavia’s best selling pike lure. All 3 are tied in high quality fox and rabbit fur, but we have added extra vibrant elastics and a hint of flash for extra attraction and movement.The Monsterfly is probably one of the deadliest pikelures ever made. It closes the gap between the unique presentation of a pikefly and the casting range of a conventional lure.  A predator like the Pike will be psyched out over the presentation you are able to achieve; their natural instinct simply forces them to attack! You will be able to get an extremely slow presentation that no other lure can achieve.The design is made for shallow water but it can be fished slowly “on the drop” in deeper water. You can even experiment with different weights attached on the line to reach the desired depth. The Monsterfly is made for fishing with spinning- and light jerkbait rods and the balanced epoxy head is combined with a mixture of high quality fox- and rabbit fur. Before using the fly – and to get the right weight and suspending action – dip the fly under the surface to make it absorb the water properly.

Length: 260 mm.
Density: Suspending
Colours: 9
Head: Balanced epoxy head
Hook: WMC #2/0
Running depth: 0 – 1 meter.
Material: High quality fox and rabbit fur.
Eyes: Sticker or rattle eyes.
Approx weight dry: 25 g.
Approx weight wet: 45 g.
Extra vibrant elasticsHint of flash for extra attraction

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